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Wednesday 24th June 2015 ("Workshop & Tour Day")

Time Activity
14:00 - 14:30 Welcome
14:30 - 16:00 Entrepreneurship Education Workshop
Social Entre / Intrapreneurship in your Organization
(part 1)

Entrepreneurial Universities Workshop
Leading the Entrepreneurial University
(part 1)

Regional Innovation Workshop
How to establish Regional Innovation Alliances (part 1)

Research & Innovation Tour 1
(part 1)

Research & Innovation Tour 2
(part 1)

16:00 - 16:30 Coffee break
16:30 - 18:00 Entrepreneurship Education Workshop
Social Entre / Intrapreneurship in your Organization
(part 2)

Entrepreneurial Universities Workshop
Leading the Entrepreneurial University
(part 2)

Regional Innovation Workshop
How to establish Regional Innovation Alliances (part 2)

Research & Innovation Tour 1
(part 2)

Research & Innovation Tour 2
(part 2)

18:00 - 20:30 Free time
20:45 - 23:00 Pre-conference get-together

Hopfingerbräu im Palais (at the Brandenburger Gate), Ebertstraße 24, 10117 Berlin

Thursday 25th June 2015 (Conference day 2)

Time Activity
9:00 - 9:30 Conference registration and warm-up coffee
9:30 - 9:40 Welcome address by organisers

Thorsten Kliewe
Chairman, University Industry Innovation Network
9:40 - 11:00 Business Panel Discussion

Dr. Natascha Eckert
Department Head University and Research Cooperation at SIEMENS

Dr. Manfred Meier
Head of the department “University Cooperation” at AutoUni of Volkswagen AG

Dr. Lena Christiaans
Head of Corporate Employer Branding at Henkel

Moderated by

Ketan Makwana
CEO at Enterprise Labs™
11:00 - 11:30 Coffee break





Good / Next
Practice Track

11:30 - 13:00

Stimulating University-Business Cooperation

University And Industry Collaboration – Incentives For Individual Researchers
Cecilia Bjursell, Anna-Carin Ramsten

Building internal supportive structures for inter-organisational collaboration
Sara Gustafsson, Jenny Palm

Research for Research’s Sake? A Critical Reflection on the Unintended Consequences of Academic Entrepreneurship
Bernd Wurth

Understanding the intensity in industry-university collaboration: a cross-sectoral study of firms in Sweden
Vladimir Vanyushyn, Agneta Marell

Skill development: Workshop and training programmes

Hacking The Innovations With University-Industry Hackathons
Vladimir Sklyar

The TRADEIT Entrepreneurship Summer Academy – A Model of Good Practice in Postgraduate Education
Simon Hill

Start-Up Businesses And University In A Co-Learning Mode: Impacts on understanding of critical capability requirements for business success and possessed competencies in an intensive collaborative start-up coaching program
Juha Saukkonen

Entrepreneurship education for students

Enhancing Entrepreneurial Competences of Students at the Faculty of Engineering Science of KU Leuven
Marjolijn Burman

It starts with an idea, not a plan!
Chris Birch

Stimulating entrepreneurial mindsets by turning informal learning situations into key situations for the development of entrepreneurship competence
Thomas Berger

Lean Launchpad
Jolien Coenraets

Technology Transfer Offices and Intermediaries

Innovation ambassadors as part of developing and innovative university
Aart Boessenkool

Resolution Circle: A university-owned technology commercialisation ecosystem in South Africa
Willem Clarke

Role of University Technology Transfer Office (TTO) in Nurturing & Enhancing Academic Innovation Culture

Next Practice Pitches

The Yorkshire Innovation Fund: Successful Regional University-Industry Collaboration in Practice
Suzanne Emmett

Centre development for earning capacity and value creation
Johan Aad van Dijk

Building an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Limburg region, Belgium
Jean-Pierre Segers

Building R&D excellence in one of Ireland’s largest industries
Jon O'Halloran, Mary Shire

A method to support Brazilian small town in decision-making to attract innovative industrial business
Bruno Mira David

Embedding industry in a School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
Anthony Vickers

‘’Swansea University Science and Innovation Bay Campus - Creating a Campus for Collaboration’’
Iwan Davies, Alison Parker

The team development method

13:00 - 14:30

Lunch & Poster/Next-Practice Session

University-industry interaction in a developing country: A case study of a budding entrepreneurial university.
Joe Amadi-Echendu

REUNE PROJECT, how to detect and study some of the best practices worldwide in Industry-University relations
Maria Garcia Alegre

Linking Design Education with Business Challenges: interdisciplinary work and innovation for real needs.
Patrick Hauer Devin

Fostering an Innovation Culture in SMEs in a Peripheral Region
John Bartlett

Laboratory of Advanced Technology Science, engine of innovations
Nicolas Stucki, Jeremie Teyssier

AgroBioTech Transfer Centre
Danka Moravcikova

Case study of a university-industry collaboration on Pharmaceutical research
Mary Shire, Jon OHalloran

14:30 - 16:00

Research parks and incubators

Strategies in the creation of University Research Parks
Jasmina Berbegal-Mirabent

Networked incubation and start-up performance: a review of the literature
C.P. Eveleens, Frank J. van Rijnsoever

Start-EU-up! International incubation practices to overcome the main challenges of the Western European entrepreneurial ecosystem
Marijn van Weele

Use and utilization of business advice in small innovative firms
Paweł Głodek, Katarzyna Łobacz

Skill development for students and business

Live projects as a key factor to foster university-business cooperation and students’ employability in the tourism sector. Evidence from British and Italian experiences.
Federica Montaguti

The effect of the involvement of Industry in the class for solving problems.
Changone Kim

The impact of social media on the leadership strategies of Generation Y: Challenges and potential.
Florian Feltes

Leadership development for growth in rural and regeneration areas: A conceptual model for enhanced interaction between SMEs and university educators.
Steffan Thomas, Louisa Huxtable-Thomas

University-Business Models

Developing Better Practices for University-Business Cooperation
Kristiina Lilja, Sinikka Seppänen

Implementation Of An Organisational Model To Stimulate Interactions Between Academia And Industry
Angela Hillemyr, Per Lövsund

Facilitation – a supporting approach towards successful University-Business Knowledge Collaboration
Bettina Dencker Hansen, Flemming. K. Fink

ConnectEd: An Enhanced Online Interface for Improved Engagement between Industry and Academia
John Keogh, David Kirk

University-Business Cooperation: Impact and performance measurement

Impact Reloaded: A Balanced System for Measureing KTT-Success
Christoph Koeller

Funding of start-ups and spin-offs: is it possible to measure real impacts?
Derek Jan Fikkers

University-Business Collaborative Research: Goals, outcomes and new assessment tools
Rita Morais

Good Practices: Increasing employability of students

Focused, fast and flexible: a partnership approach to regional job creation.
Ann Ledwith

Conceptual Design and Development of Innovative Product
Erik Kristiansen

Strategic Leadership Hub – an example for promoting effective University-Industry interaction
Rita Santos Silva

16:00 - 16:30 Coffee break
16:30 - 18:00

Training the workforce of the future: Innovative talent development

A Framework for Designing Systemic Educational Collaboration for Innovative Talent Development
David Radcliffe

Transferable Skills for future business task force – a study for economics and management graduates
Rita Santos Silva

Workforce Development - A commentary based on a survey of trainees and trainers.
Michael Ahern

Academic entrepreneurship: Spin-offs and Start-ups

Determinants of Academic Entrepreneurship
Sabrina Fredin

Academic entrepreneurs see things differently - An analysis of barriers, drivers and incentives facing European academic entrepreneurs
Todd Davey, Sue Rossano

The Potential Of Technology Transfer Offices As Coordinators And Drivers Of Academic Entrepreneurship Activities
Tobias Kesting, Bernd Wurth

Models of Life Sciences Start-ups: Don't throw the incubator out with the bathwater
Louisa Huxtable-Thomas

Fostering regional and national innovation

Strategic Program INOV•C – The Innovation Ecosystem of the Centro Region of Portugal
Jorge Figueira

Moving From The Knowledge Economy To The Human Economy
Cheryle Tewarie, Angela Escalante

Universities driving regional growth through enterprise
Wendy Purcell

Creating an Innovation Alliance between SMEs and HEIs - supporting the regional innovation system

Supporting and fostering collaboration

How crowdsourcing could help university-business cooperation
Marina Ventura

Research Centers and Industries cooperation in Morocco, Palestine and in Tunisia
Alberto Soraci

Multi-Disciplinary University-Industry Interaction – Case Mikkeli

Building innovation in university-industry collaboration
Josep Alias

Good Practices: Innovative Skill Development

Innovative Marketing Communication Academy: hands-on sessions with practical guidelines and tools for SMEs
Robrecht Van Goolen

Technovation: a true nexus of university, state agency, and industry innovation alliance
Bill O'Gorman

Professionalizing the use of the student ressource for innovation - re-framing collaborations with industry
Jens Boelsmand, Morten Dahlgaard, Marie Fallgaard, Anni Stavnskær Pedersen

18:00 - 18:45 Keynote speaker session

Professor Scott Shane
Author of the bestseller "Illusions of Entrepreneurship" and Professor in Entrepreneurship at Case Western Reserve University, US
18:45 - 19:00 Short walk to dinner venue
19:00 - 19:45 Champagne reception

E-Werk, Mauerstraße 78-80, 10119 Berlin

19:45 - 24:00 Conference dinner

E-Werk, Mauerstraße 78-80, 10119 Berlin

Friday 26th June 2015 (Conference day 3)

Time Activity
9:00 - 9:30 Warm-up coffee
09:30 - 10:15 Keynote speaker session

Professor John Bessant
Chair in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Exeter University, UK and author of the teaching, learning and practice bible "Managing Innovation"
10:15 - 10:45 Coffee break





Good / Next
Practice Track

10:45 - 12:15

The entrepreneurial university and innovation ecosystem

Challenging dependency: opening the SADC innovation space
Michael Kahn

Entrepreneurial Universities and Entrepreneurship Education in a Factor Driven Economy : creating an Entrepreneurship Education Ecosystem in Egypt.

Regional Identity as a Driver of Collaborative Innovation
Matthias Tomenendal

University business cooperation through technology transfer and innovation – a comparison of public universities in Austria
Isabel Roessler

Science Marketing

The STP-Strategy - Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning - in the Marketing of Science
Thomas Baaken

An Experimental Approach to Investigating the Image Effects of University-Business Collaboration
Carolin Plewa

A Concept for Having Pre-understanding of Research Ideas in University-Industry Collaboration

On the marketing challenges of early stage technology transfer from the university point of view
Szabolcs Prónay, Norbert Buzás

Knowledge and technology transfer

An exploration of the creation and flow of knowledge involving universities
Todd Davey, Linda van de Burgwal

Seduced into collaboration: A resource-based choice experiment to explain knowledge acquisition strategies of SMEs
Frank van Rijnsoever

Fostering Collaborative Innovation - Higher Education Institutions as Interpreters in Technology Transfer
Mirka Leino, Kati Katajisto

Star scientists versus interdisciplinary scientists? An inquiry into the antecedents of distinct modes of university-industry interaction
Alfredo Yegros

Entrepreneurship education

Educating Entrepreneurship Educators - the Coneeect Model
Karen Böhme

ExperienceFellow – An Innovation Approach To Research Customer Experience Along Their Entire Customer Journey And Across All On- And Offline Channels
Marc Stickdorn

Young People In Sandwich Courses: A Specific Coaching To Secure Training And Improve Intergenerational Learning
Xavier Noel

The Digital Arts and Humanities and Entrepreneurship Education
Deirdre Bane

Next Practice Pitches

Isis Innovation SME Smart IP Scheme
Andrew Bowen

Intra / entrepreneurship as a horizontal theme throughout the University college
Brenda Wilmots, Tin Van den Putte

Emerging Market Initiatives
Cesar Augusto Ortiz

Turning international student mobility into business asset
Juha Saukkonen

Benchmarking with the Swiss and ZHAW cases
Charlotte Geerdink

Giving academics the AMO to undertake enterprise activities: a new model for engaging academics in university business collaboration
Sarah Tudor, John Adlen

Establishment of an Innovation Precinct in the Northern Corridor of Perth, Western Australia
Darren Gibson

Releasing the potential of a higher education institution to serve regional development and welfare
Perttu Heino

12:15 - 13:45

Lunch & Poster/Next-Practice Session

How a quality international mobility can impact on entering the labour market
Carlos Garcia

Strategies on co-creation: co-creation on festivals
Rogier Brussee

Mine, ours, yours – Towards Multidisciplinary Shared Consumption Campus
Hannu Kaikonen, Satu Hyökki

Factory of Knowledge
Gabriella Bettiol

Three Paths Changing The Business Model Of High-Technology Companies
Stefan Vorbach

Analysis of Industry-Academia Collaboration in Robotics
Florian Röhrbein

Hacettepe Technology Transfer Center (Ht-Ttm): An Integrated Approach In University Industry Interaction
Seyda Ates

Patent Enforcement: A New Trend Among University Licensing Offices

13:45 - 15:15

The right competencies

Management Fashion Theory As A New Prism of Analysis of the Gap Between Literature And Practice In Supply Chain Management
Salomée Ruel

Analysis of Intention Action Gap in Entrepreneurship Programs
Alexandra Throm

The ideal candidate to a job through a conjoint study
Luigi Fabbris

Accelerating Development of Entrepreneurial Competencies for University Research-based Ventures: Lessons Learn from US-Russia Innovation Corridor
Alexander B. Bedny, Dina Williams

The business in University-Business Collaboration

An exploration of Higher Education Engagement with Small and Medium Enterprise
Irene Sheridan, Margaret Linehan

Collaborations between small firms and researchers: A multiple case study on innovation processes
Diane Filip, Bettina Dencker Hansen

Preconditions For University–Industry Collaboration: Examining The Role Of Ties And Accessibility In A Peripheral Region
Jessica Eriksson

Procedures used by the industry to establish first contact with research centers. Case study in Spain.
Gérard Martorell

Entrepreneurial universities

A base for a taxonomy for Entrepreneurial Universities: an European approach
Leire Markuerkiaga

Assessing The Entrepreneurial Orientation Of University Departments. A Comparative Study Between Italy And Spain
Angelo Riviezzo

Xinno innovative learning environment as a founding block of the MUAS university entrepreneurial ecosystem. Implications of the space design on the learning outcomes of students of entrepreneurship education programmes
Mikhail Nemilentsev

Does the scientific discipline matter in attracting industrial R&D funding? Evidence from Belgium.
André Spithoven

The regional and national ecosystem

Academic entrepreneurship in the Algarve region - The importance of an integrated ecosystem
Hugo Barros

Reinforcing regional and international RDI co-operation of higher education institutions and innovative SMEs
Heidi Myyryläinen, Helena Puhakka-Tarvainen

Policies to navigate from university to industry
Victoria Galan Muros

Good Practices: Entrepreneurship Education

TE Week: Fostering an Entrepreneurial and Innovative Ecosystem at Lehigh University through an Immersion Experience
Lisa Getzler-Linn

Entrepreneurial Pathways
Nicole Colomb

University – Practice Network at the University of West Bohemia (UNIPRANET)
Jiří Vacek

15:15 - 15:30 Coffee break
15:30 - 17:00

Academic spin-offs

University Spin-offs in Japan Compared with those in China
Masayuki KONDO

The Parent University influence on academic spin-offs.
Matteo Landoni

Bridging the gap from university research to high-tech venture via experienced entrepreneurs
Jes Broeng, Majken Overgaard

Research and Researchers in University-Industry Interaction

Strategic Implications for Industry –Academia Collaborations in Trinidad and Tobago
Zameer Mohammed

The factors impacting on university – industry interaction: a comparison between a French Institution and an Irish Institution
Declan Doyle

Towards greater research, development and innovation collaboration in a higher educational institution
Heidi Myyryläinen, Kirsi Viskari

Exploring interdisciplinarity in R&D projects
Ari Lindeman


Match-making: Approaches for bringing academic and business together

Facilitation as supportive practice in growth-oriented cooperation between Student Entrepreneurs and SMEs
Anne Sofie Dahlmann Breindahl, Bettina Dencker Hansen

University-Industry Liaison in the Argentine ICT Sector

Leading Change: Implementing a Comprehensive Industry Engagement Model
Cameron McCoy, Samantha Kahoe

Diary Thesis as a Tool for Professional Growth and for Co-operation between Uni-versities and Business
Altti Lagstedt

Good Practices: Cooperation to drive innovation

Aligning ICT UII collaboration in a fast-paced industry
Signe Skov-Hansen

Corporacion Tecnologica De Andalucía, A Strategic Alliance For The Development Of Innovation In The South Of Europe
Maria Garcia Alegre

17:00 - 17:15
Closing session






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