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Below you find the available summaries of the projects and organisations which will be presented at the conference (ordered by project name). You can jump to the description by clicking on the respective logo below.



Cinema and Industry Alliance for Knowledge and Learning

Consistently with the objectives stated for the call “Lifelong Learning Programme” – the project CIAKL2 – Cinema and industry alliance for knowledge and learning II, main objective is the creation, organisation and dissemination of a transversal subject and Post-Graduation curricula, focusing the lack and needs in creative industries sector to the entrepreneurial mind-set, upgrading the skills and teaching methods of higher education teachers in these areas, but also their ability to promote and nourish new business ventures in the realm of the “creative industries”.


Contact person:
Ana Cunha
Lusophone Institute for Research and Development, Universidade Lusófona


LE@D3.0 Academy

A Digital Academy for the development of new European leaders

Best practices like Coursera & Stanford University online courses demonstrate that it is possible and effective, both for learners and for training providers, to offer a variety of open online learning resources. These pilot experiences are totally changing the scenario of learning and training and the related business models. And today, as never before, Academy & Industry have to be open to innovate and work together on the development of EU educational open platforms - underpinning innovative business models - so as to overcome fragmentation of efforts and resources.

Le@d3.0 Academy (project financed by the European Commission–Erasmus PLUS Programme, Knowledge Alliance Action) intends to create a long lasting co-operation between the Academy and Industry. The challenge is to widen the use of social learning and open educational resources by trainers in order to develop soft e-leadership skills that are required by the labour market in the digital age. Le@d3.0 Academy wants to become the learning virtual platform and an international academy for trainers from Universities, Business Schools & Industry that work on the development of the horizontal skills set of the “e-leader”.

The focus is on identifying new leaders’ soft skills (i.e. decision making, people management, strategic vision, design, creativity, intra/entrepreneurship) and developing them using innovative methods and Web3.0 based learning programs.

9 full Partners from 7 EU countries (Italy, Germany, UK, Poland, France, Belgium and Portugal) will work together to design and develop the international Le@d3.0 Academy, involving trainers of the academic and business world as well as students, managers and entrepreneurs.

Contact person:
Maria Laura Fornaci
Senior Project Manager at Fondazione ISTUD


Reshaped Partnerships for Competitiveness and Innovation Potentials in Mechanical Engineering

After accelerated global trade Europe has lost step by step its competitiveness. The core of European welfare is depended on the industry, especially mechanical engineering industry. To maintain the European welfare something must be done. One part of these activities is to improve radically the cooperation between industry of mechanical engineering and related HEIs. In discussion with European HEIs and enterprises the answer is often that we do already all what you propose. After one or two operative questions it appears to be clear that this is not the case.

The project is needed to change scattered university-company cooperation to goal oriented and strategic managed walking hand-in-hand. The RePCI project idea itself is the innovation: the project is creating the novel cooperation models between companies and HEIs in order to use the possibilities of HEIs widely to improve the competitiveness of European mechanical engineering industry. During the project, the main idea is brought to practical solutions and the benefits of new cooperation models are made clear to ensure that the results are attractive enough for other HEIs and companies to take the new models in use.

The novelty of this project lies behind four main fundamental changes:
  1. From random to strategic cooperation
  2. Competency coaching program for companies
  3. Real life problem solving process to facilitate new industrial cooperation for students and staff members
  4. Connections of the HEI network to form strong supply of expertise
EU project which is funded by the LLP program.


Contact person:
Anneli Kakko
Manager of RePCI project


The Innovation Alliance

Strengthening the knowledge triangle, building sustainable collaborative relationships between universities, SMEs and innovation support organizations

The project responds to the problem of increasing fragmentation in the field of innovation promotion, especially the dislocation between those who generate knowledge that could spur innovation (HEIs), and those who can translate that knowledge into marketable strategies and use it to produce economic growth (SMEs). Since the SME sector accounts for 99% of all businesses, provides two thirds of private sector jobs and contributes more than half of the total value-added created by businesses in the EU, the implementation of greater innovation in SMEs in an effective and cost –efficient way is vital to fulfilling not only Europe’s economic objectives, but also those of a more equal and productive society with higher social and economic integration.

To achieve its goals, our project entails:
  • Development of 4 Innovation Alliances in 5 countries (Ireland + UK, Germany, Spain, Romania)
  • The development, piloting, publishing and promotion of open access, digital learning resource for European SMEs, training them in the specific skills needed for engaging in innovation transfer with HEIs and Horizon 2020 projects
  • The development, piloting, publishing and promotion of a multimedia Comparative Study and Case Study Guide for Innovation Transfer presenting effective and cost effective solutions for transmitting HEI research to SME context
The project will consolidate cooperation as a key feature of the knowledge economy, reshaping traditional roles by multiplying outlets for HEIs to generate direct economic impact from their work, and breaking down barriers so that SMEs of all shapes and sizes can actively implement academic-based innovation to boost their own competitiveness, and that of the wider economy.


Contact person:
Joe English
Head of Enterprise at Local Enterprise Office at Louth Country Council


Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology

A unique environment for conducting interdisciplinary research and teaching

The Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology of University of Gdansk and Medical University of Gdansk (IFB) creates a unique environment for conducting interdisciplinary research and teaching. IFB is one of the top biological science faculties in Poland comprising 17 research teams and a complex of core facility laboratories. Basic as well as applied research at IFB cover molecular microbiology, medical biology and molecular diagnostics, and molecular plant biology. In 2013 funding of approx. 9.5 million Euro has been secured from external sources for research and research supporting activities for the next years.

One of the largest projects is the FP7 project MOBI4Health funded by the European Commission. The objective is to boost IFB’s research and innovation potential. MOBI4Health has enabled an upgrade of equipment and the employment of experienced specialists for a new mass spectrometry laboratory.

MS Lab is part of IFB’s core facility laboratories. Further units comprise laboratories of biomolecular analysis, genetic analysis, imaging and data analysis, invitro plant breeding, and together allow to implement a wide range of methods to analyze interactions among proteins, proteins and nucleic acids, proteomic analyses, lipid analyses, post-translational modifications as well as molecular diagnostics.

We are interested in extending international cooperation with scientific institutions and commercial partners in biotech research.

Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology
of University of Gdansk and Medical University of Gdansk
ul. Kładki 24, 80-822 Gdańsk, Poland


Support to Pre-seed activities of Charles University

Charles University (Czech Republic) has been implementing several activities to support Knowledge and Technology Transfer and commercialisation. The body responsible to manage such activities within the university is the Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer which is an independent division, responsible for commercialization of intellectual property arising from the academic research (i.e. patenting, licensing, creating spin-offs) based on Charles University.

One of the projects managed by the Centre’s team is Support to Pre-seed activities of Charles University Outside of Prague (reg. No. CZ.1.05/3.1.00/13.0284) funded from EU structural funds – Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation.

The main objective of this project is to increase levels of IP protection and commercialisation of R&D at departments of Charles University located outside of Prague - the project includes activities from the field of molecular biology and biotechnology. It also enhances structures to make professional service available directly to Charles University R&D centres outside of Prague. A functioning support system motivates other Charles University R&D staff to consider commercialisation. The project team includes technology transfer managers and coaches to support Charles University staff outside of Prague in IP protection and with practical aspects of commercialisation. They also at their regional workplaces actively seek out new R&D results suitable for commercialisation.

Examples of the technologies resulting from the project are available within EEN network. We currently seek potential commercial partners interested in contractual collaboration and research and /or further development of possible future related methods, technologies and devices arising from the following:

Oxa- and thiadiazoles useful on the treatment of drug-susceptible and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis
Reference number: TOCZ20150127002
Click here for more information

Homebalance: Portable interactive rehabilitation system for diagnostics and therapy of stability disorders
Reference number: TOCZ20150127001
Click here for more information

Reference number: TOCZ20150116001
Click here for more information

Contact person:
Hana Kosova
Deputy Director
Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer Charles University in Prague
Charles University in Prague
Petrska 3
100 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic

Tel. +420 224 491 508
Mobile. +420 604 425 572
E-mail: hana.kosova@ruk.cuni.cz , cppt@ruk.cuni.cz

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